Few directors have had such an impact on Gay Adult Video as Chi Chi LaRue. At age 20, living in Minnesota, the now famous alter ego Chi Chi LaRue emerged, forming half the duo; The Weather Gals. Chi Chi joined forces with close friend Kevin, aka Rose Bud to perform at the local Minneapolis clubs; The Saloon, The Gay 90’s, and The Townhouse. Minnesota didn’t know what hit them. Before long The Weather Gals were the most sought after drag act in the state!


By age 28 Chi Chi LaRue, yearning to be involved with the Adult Industry, packed up his wig boxes and headed for Los Angeles. Always in awe of directors William Higgins, John Travis, and Jerry Douglas, Chi Chi sought employment at one of the biggest studios. It wasn’t long before he landed a job in sales for a company in which he would eventually direct; Catalina. The creative mind of Chi Chi LaRue soon grew weary with the monotonous task of sales, he was moved into the job of handling promotions and art direction.


Working closely with production, Chi Chi’s bug to direct soon bit. Legendary Director William Higgins would be the one to give LaRue his chance. He allowed Chi Chi to direct one segment of the very popular “HARD MEN” series. Critics raved it was the best segment in the video and the rest is history!


Chi Chi landed his first major directing job in 1988 for In Hand Video. His directorial premier was “FLEXX”. His first, of what he may be most famous for, his discoveries, was Alex Stone. It wasn’t long after that that Chi Chi discovered, the love of his life, Joey Stefano. Joey debuted in “THE BUDDY SYSTEM 2”, for Vivid Video. At the same time, Chi Chi began directing for Soho Video. At Soho, Chi Chi directed the ground-breaking video “SHARON AND KAREN”, starring drag queen, porn star Karen Dior.


This would be the beginning of another pioneering trait of Chi Chi LaRue. He is one of the only Directors that has managed to direct simultaneously for multiple major studios, such as Falcon, All Worlds, Vivid and Odyssey while keeping the integrity and best interest of each company in the forefront.


Adding yet another notch to his directorial belt, Catalina begged Chi Chi back. This time he would direct his first "really big" feature called “BILLBOARD”, starring none other than Joey Stefano. Later, “THE RISE”, for CATALINA, would garnish Chi Chi his first Best Director award. 1990’s “THE RISE” starred another major Chi Chi discovery Ryan Yeager.


Chi Chi moved on to direct “JUMPER” for His Video, which won Best Video in 1991. “IDOL COUNTRY” starring Ryan Idol won Chi Chi a Best Director award in 1997. “ALL ABOUT STEVE” and “TOTAL CORRUPTION” 1 & 2 are two other famous His titles.


Chi Chi is perhaps most proud of his work for his own company Rascal Video/Channel 1 Releasing. Over the past 5 years Chi Chi has received critical acclaim and numerous awards for such titles as “Steele Ranger”, “In Gear”, “2nd Gear”, “Oral Exams”, “Detention” and many more.


Some of Chi Chi’s other amazing discoveries include; Zak Spears, Hal Rockland, Spike, Joey Hart, Doug Jeffries, Caesar, Rascal Exclusive’s Matt Summers, Johnny Hazzard, and Eddie Stone.


The year 2000 realized a major accomplishment for Chi Chi, with the launch of Chi Chi LaRue’s Live and Raw featuring all his hottest porn stars and discoveries performing live on the net, 24/7! The world-famous feed has garnished net awards and become the most sought after live performance feed.

In 2003 Chi Chi launched yet another company called Club Channel 1.  The Club Channel 1 music video series is played in over 750 bars and clubs around the world.  It features Chi Chi's Rascal Video stars in hot and sexy scenes, suitable for bars and clubs to play on their monitors. It also features Gay/Lesbian dance/circuit events, DJs & celebrity interviews, latest trends, and the most cutting edge music in the market. Location footage from clubs around the world is also featured in each volume with the hottest bodies and moves.  It’s brings together two of Chi Chi’s favorite things “Nightclubs and Porn.”


If that is not enough work for one person, Chi Chi LaRue has just begun a new chapter in her life.  Chi Chi is now DJing at bars and clubs around the country.  Chi Chi has always been a huge music fan and has always dreamed of getting behind the turntables.  Chi Chi has amassed a huge collection of eclectic music from his travels around the world and now has a forum to turn people on to his edgy music style and tastes.  Chi Chi LaRue’s first big gig was at San Francisco’s Mezzanine nightclub during the annual Folsom Street Fair.  He made such a great impression on a reporter at the event, that he profiled Chi Chi in an article in the NY Blade.   Ever since then, the offers have been coming in from such notable events as The White Party in Palm Springs, The Abbey in West Hollywood and The Los Angeles Gay Pride Festival.  


One of the biggest years for Chi Chi’s company was 2007.  Not only did Channel 1 Releasing grow into one of the major players in the biz, but also acquired All Worlds Video and Catalina Video, making Channel 1 Releasing the biggest gay adult video company in the world.   One of the most exciting factors of both deals is that Chi Chi is now the owner of a vast amount of videos that he directed over the years for both companies which he feels is some of his finest work to date including the “Link” Series, “Conquered”, “How the West was Hung” “The Bite 1 & 2,” “Straight To Bed,” “Power Tool 2”and the top selling bi-sexual movie “Fly Bi  Night” among countless others.  


There are many exciting plans in the works with the Catalina library, including releasing many classics never seen on DVD.  There will also be new titles released under the Catalina including the highly-anticipated “Power Tool 3” with a yet undiscovered star that Chi Chi is currently searching world-wide for.


Later in 2007 Chi Chi launched a standalone website called SafeSexIsHotSex.com to broadcast his message of safer sex in the adult industry. Chi Chi has always been an advocate of safe sex in adult films, even before it was the norm in gay porn. He lobbied long and hard back in his early days at Catalina to get condoms on the performers, and his hard work ended up paying off. In the height of the AIDS crisis, Chi Chi was on the front lines, protecting his talent by requiring condom usage in all films which quickly become the status quo among gay adult studios. Chi Chi has never produced a condomless film and never intends to do so. Nearly two decades later, Chi Chi stepped away from a very lucrative contract with a straight studio when the studio decided to go condom-optional. When Chi Chi noticed the trend of unsafe sex creeping up in the gay adult world once again, he felt it was his duty to use his status in the community to send out the message and educate the public.


Another big year for Chi Chi was 2008, with the opening of a Channel 1 Company Store, aptly named Chi Chi LaRue’s. Chi Chi takes great pride in the uniqueness of the upscale boutique that houses the Channel 1 Library, along with novelties and apparel that Chi Chi has personally picked out.


Today Chi Chi spends almost every waking moment running his ever-growing empire and performing live at safe sex benefits and nightclubs around the world. His rigorous performance schedule takes him everywhere! If it’s not Cleveland, then it’s Paris, Chi Chi’s home away from home.